College Recommendation Letter Tips

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What Will My College Look For in My Recommendation Letters?

Your college will look for a number of elements that indicate your potential for academic success, your overall fit with the culture of their school, and other important factors it uses to select students for admission.  Letters that just mention that you got a good grade in a particular class will not be much help to you.  Sure, good grades are important, but many, many colleges want to know more about you as a student than they could learn just by looking at your GPA.  Sometimes, a letter that shows that you got a B+ final grade because you studied harder and got tutoring to pull up your first semester grade of a C- means more than a letter that shows you got an A but makes no comment on your effort or overall class standing.  Again, the “glowing” letter is good, but the letter that exemplifies your efforts, the obstacles you have encountered (in a variety of areas of your life), your qualifications, passions, and attributes – good and bad – will be the winning letter.