Preparing for College:Senior Year

Get those college applications out as soon as possible. Don’t forget to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well. Put some real thought into your application essay, to make sure you present yourself and your abilities as effectively as possible.You’re trying to market yourself here, so don’t sell yourself short! Consider enrolling in some classes at the local community college – not only will these look great on your application, but you may also be earning transfer credits that will give you a head start towards earning your college degree.

Once you receive your acceptance letters, compare the financial aid packages you’ve been offered, and take these into account when making your final decision. If you’re struggling to make a choice, see if you can arrange a campus visit to help you decide. Have a backup plan in place in case you don’t get accepted at the college of your dreams – many students these days are choosing to save money by attending two-year colleges, and then applying as junior-year transfer students to their preferred universities.

Colleges often have special tours for applicants or accepted students deciding which offers to accept, if you’re not sure where your heart is try to attend one of these tours; being on campus and speaking with current students will help you decide whether this is the place you want to spend the next four years.

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