Preparing for College: Junior Year

Re-take the PSAT if you aren’t satisfied with the score you earned in your sophomore year. It will also serve as good practice test for the SAT or ACT, which you should take in the spring. Spend several months studying for this test, since your scores, along with your high school grades, will play an important factor in determining whether you’ll be admitted to the college of your choice.

Keep up with your schoolwork – junior year is the last chance you’ll have to pull up your grades before you start submitting college applications. Enroll in Advanced Placement classes if you can, since if you do well on the AP Exam you may be able to skip introductory college classes or even earn college credit. Look to beef up your extracurricular resume as well by taking on a leadership role in any organizations to which you belong. Ask for letters of recommendation from at least three teachers or activity sponsors before year’s end, since some colleges may ask for these as part of the application packet.

Junior year is a good time to learn more about colleges from your high school adviser, friends, family members, and recent alumni of your high school. Start doing your research and make sure to allocate time in your summer schedule to visit a few colleges; this way you can get a first-hand experience and feel for the schools.

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