Inside College Admissions: What are Admission Officers Really Looking For?

For every 7 students applying, only 1 freshman gets into elite universities like Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, etc. Who are the people who get to make these decisions anyway? Many people picture a group of old men with cigars arbitrarily picking students at a whim, but the opposite is actually the reality. The success of a university largely depends on the success of its students, so the decision of who gets in and who is turned away is not taken lightly. In any admissions office, one finds a group of the finest educators and counselors selecting students who will fit best into the university.

What are they measuring?

Most admissions officers sort through the files of thousands of candidates each year. Through experience, these professionals learn exactly what to look for in a potential student, and the decision is largely based on the genuine effort a student puts in. They want students who don’t just look like they might be a good candidate, but actually have the potential to be a great university student. The following are ways that give students an edge against the fierce competition to get into the college of their choice.

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