There is so much information available online and in bookstores about the college application and admissions process that you might be overwhelmed at first and not sure where to start. Our website has provides useful information for your (or your child), to reduce the stress and anxiety involved in the college application process, and to help you find the best college for you (and your child’s) personal, academic and professional needs.

College Application and Admissions Tips: 

College Application, Admissions and Financial Glossaries

So many terms are used in the college application process, in the admissions decision with its various options, and in the financial aid universe, that we’ve decided to compile a helpful glossary for each.  Here they are:

  • College Application Glossary – from the Universal College Application to Priority dates, we’ve listed (and clarified) terms related to the application process.
  • College Admissions Glossary – from deferred enrollment to early action, these terms refer to the various admissions options and decisions that relate to schools’ admissions process, deadlines and outcomes.
  • Financial Aid Glossary – from the FAFSA to the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), we’ve covered a range of terms and available financial aid tools available to students and families