Expert College Admissions Guidance

We have guided hundreds of students in their journey to secure spots at top programs globally, including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia University, New York University, University of Chicago, Yale,  and more.

Our College Admissions Consultants

Yael Redelman-Sidi
Yael Redelman-SidiAdmissions Expert
 Yael has helped hundreds of students present themselves in the best possible way and get admitted into their dream schools. She is an MBA graduate of NYU Stern School of Business, worked at NYU’s Admissions office, and a veteran of Goldman Sachs..

Melissa B.
Melissa B.College Consultant & Editor
Melissa spent four years volunteering with Minds Matter NYC as a writing consultant and mentor, helping underprivileged teenagers with their college application essays. She is working on her debut novel.


How we work with our students

Live Editing and Coaching Sessions

We believe in real-life communication and getting to know you in person. We’ll have calls and video chats to talk about your career goals and experiences, and uncover stories and new angles that will strengthen your application. These live sessions are highly effective; they ensure that we go beyond the obvious stories and present your competitive edge and unique experience. This will also save you time and money – instead of going back and forth via email, we can solve problems and come up with new ideas during the call. My students love that they don’t need to send or read more emails than they already have – talking is much more personal and efficient.  Speaking about yourself and your college plans will also help you when you get to the interview phase. If you are looking for one-on-one admissions help, not a cookie-cutter editing factory, you’ve come to the right place.

Professional Admissions Consultants

Yael Redelman-Sidi has been coaching and helping college and grad school applicants since 2005. Hundreds of happy clients have chosen to work with her because she offers more than just essay editing; her personal approach, which includes live sessions (in person or via phone or chat), helps students uncover the best stories, find their unique perspective and craft the best application possible. She am located in New York City and works with clients globally. She takes only a selected number of clients every year, so she can dedicate all the time and attention her clients need, throughout the year and of course during the deadline season. That’s what makes her unlimited application packages a hit.

When you decide to work with her on your application, you will work with a dedicated advisor from soup to nuts; the editors on her team are accomplished professionals with a passion for education and good writing.

Unlimited Editing and Coaching Packages

Yes, you heard me right – unlimited. Whether you need 15 edits to finalize your personal statement, or 9 sessions to fill out the common application, we will provide this as part of the package–no exceptions, tricks or limitations. We’ll give you ideas and pointers on how to do the right research on your target school or program, so you can talk about the topic intelligently and successfully pitch your plans (and profile). We take on a limited number of students each year so we can give them all the support, editing and consulting they need and deserve.